Welcome to the Sonic Sound Supply Producer Competition in affiliation with freedrumkits.net

This competition is the first one to be held in 2017 and we hope it will not to be the last.

The competition Prizes

$200 in store credit
1 years VIP Membership worth $120
A mail blast worth $180 to our +130.000 contact list (artist + producers combined) with links to your personal website and social media pages
This email blast will generate a massive awareness of you and your brand and could generate many sales and even possible producer collaborations .


Entry requirements:

Purchase any one of the competition kits below
Like our facebook pages

Note: There are going to be 3 kits released at the start of the competition and 2 more half way through the month totaling 5 competition kits.

Each kit is going to count as an entry, so if you buy all 5 kits you will have 5 chances of winning.

Make sure you: Buy each kit on a separate order for this to work in your favor


Choosing a Winner

We will select 1 lucky winner at random from the order numbers generated from the sales of the competition kits

We will confirm that the selected producer has liked our facebook pages, if they have not then we will select an alternative winner!


Competition deadline

The competition will run through out the month of October and close at 11:59PM Western time on the 31st of October.

The winner will be announced between the 1st – 3rd of November

Good luck